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Sam Patch - Great Embankment Park Cruise

Experience one of the most scenic sections on the entire Erie Canal

Quick Details

Infants Ages 2 & under
Children Ages 3-12
Students Ages 13-21
Adults Ages 22+
Seniors Ages 65+

Hop aboard Sam Patch for a scenic and relaxing cruise from the historic village of Pittsford, New York east toward the hamlet of Bushnell’s Basin.

In the earliest days of the Canal, Bushnell’s Basin was the terminus for all boat traffic going east and west.

Along the way, you’ll pass through the Great Embankment, which in the early 19th century thrilled both onlookers and passengers as boats seemed to travel in midair over the mile-wide valley created by Irondequoit Creek. Among the many features of the Canal considered engineering marvels, the Embankment was also the site of two major floods, in 1912 and 1974.

Please note that this cruise does not pass through a lock.