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Meet the Corn Hill Navigation Team—featuring Captain Fred Folsom


Captain Frederic “Fred” Folsom is a Rochester native who has returned to the area after a successful 25+ years career captaining ships along the East and West coasts, Great Lakes, and inland waterways. During this time, he and his wife, Vic, ran the ships together. He maintains his USCG 500 tons* Oceans Master license.

Capt. Fred has been with Corn Hill Navigation (CHN) for 3 years. He not only serves as captain, but also is a CHN board member and chairs the Marine Operations Committee. When talking about his work, he says,“It’s always wonderful interacting with others and sharing the interesting local history. CHN exposes people to see beautiful areas of the City and County they may not have seen before.” He most enjoys the RIVERIE cruises conducted by CHN for Rochester City schools 5th grade science classes. “It’s all about the students learning to respect our waterways and having fun along the way.”

In his spare time, Capt. Fred is restoring a sailboat.

*Nautical Trivia: A ship weighs at least 500 tons; boats weigh less.


Throughout this series, we hope you enjoy getting to know our dedicated captain and crew members who help make every journey on the Riverie and Sam Patch a memorable experience.
If you’re inspired by their stories, join us on the water! Book your tickets today for an unforgettable experience cruising the Genesee River and Erie Canal. Secure your spot and make your own memories aboard the Riverie!
If you are passionate about the waterways and this series makes you interested in joining our team, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us by emailing for more information on available positions and how you can become a part of our organization.