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Sail into the Spotlight: Your Business and Corn Hill Navigation

a small boat in a body of water surrounded by trees
Are you interested in supporting a Rochester treasure, and getting the word out on your organization or business at the same time? Corn Hill Navigation, the 501(c)(3) operator of the Sam Patch and Riverie tour boats, is seeking local sponsorships to support our cruises. In 2023, more than 15,000 passengers enjoyed a ride on one of our boats. And we’re looking to top that number in 2024, as more and more people learn how much fun it is to take to the water, get out in the fresh air and enjoy a different and exciting view of The Flower City.
Sponsoring Corn Hill is a great marketing move for your company as your logo will be seen by thousands of riders all throughout our cruising season. There will be strong online visibility, since Corn Hill boasts active social media pages, a website that is visited by every ticket buyer, and an email newsletter with over 12,000 subscribers.
Have you ever wondered what your logo would look like cruising down the Erie Canal or Genesee River? Now’s your chance to be a part of this beloved institution! Sponsoring is not just supporting a great cause in Rochester, it’s also a terrific marketing tool. A variety of sponsorships is available, from a corporate partner at $1,750 to vessel sponsorship.
We’ve earned an excellent reputation in the Rochester area — for our educational programs for Rochester students, our support of economic development along the Genesee River, and our commitment to be good stewards of our waterways. We’re thrilled that businesses are proud to be associated with us. To learn more about corporate sponsorship opportunities, reach out to Executive Director Patrick Russell-Walsh at [email protected] or 585-662-5748.

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