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Sam Patch Arts & Culture Series

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Discounts for Seniors/Veterans/Military/Students
From :
$ 40-55 Adult Ticket

Join us for our new Arts & Culture Series!

This series takes an in-depth dive into the values, customs, ideas, and creativity that were sparked by the opening of the Erie Canal and the impact this waterway had on the individual and on the collective society of upstate NY and beyond. We will have educational presentations along with hands on art cruises to create a better understanding of what canallers did during long days traveling along the canal.

Through a collaboration with the Erie Canal Museum’s Education Department, we will have presentations given on the following topics starting at 4pm on Sam Patch:

June 19- Pathway of Resistance: The Erie Canal and the Underground Railroad

This constantly evolving talk examines the experience of African-Americans along the Erie Canal Corridor, with a particular focus on the struggle for abolition. While parts of this story are unpleasant, slavery, racism, and resistance are critical to understanding our society today

July 17- The Beer-ie Canal Was A-Risin’: Brewing on the Erie Canal

The Erie Canal was a transformative waterway for various industries along its route, including brewing, which flourished from Albany to Buffalo. This discussion examines the Canal’s beer boom in the 19th century and its new one in the 21st.

August 14- Erie Eats: The Erie Canal Foodways Project

Food is the most basic building block of human life. We all need it to survive and thrive. But where does our food come from? How does it get to where we can eat it? Who decides what products will be available to us to eat? The answers to all of these questions, for people in Upstate New York and throughout the United States, were radically transformed by the completion of the Erie Canal in 1825 and continued to change dramatically over the next 200 years as the Canal itself changed.

September 11- The Center of it All: Baseball on the Erie Canal

Discover the Erie Canal’s many connections to the earliest days of professional baseball, told through the stories of some of the game’s biggest stars and others long forgotten.

October 16- Waterway of Change: Women and the Erie Canal

The Erie Canal revolutionized Upstate New York, bringing new ideas, people, and industries to the region, sparking a firestorm of change. This presentation will cover how the fight for women’s rights grew out of the changes brought about by the Erie Canal and the movement’s dependence on networks that the Canal facilitated.

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In collaboration with local artists, we will have the following art cruises on board Sam Patch this season:

Fiber Arts Workshops:

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We will have a knowledgeable and engaging fiber artist on board to guide you through how to make a Wool Applique Penny Rug. Join us to learn how to hand-stitch this wool penny rug.  It could be used as a mug rug, a candle mat or whatever you choose. Penny rugs are believed to have started in the 1800s during the Civil War. Penny rugs got their famous name due to crafters using pennies as a template for measuring the top layer of circles. Source: The History of Penny Rugs

Wool, thread, needle and instructions will be provided.  While on board the boat, you will learn the basics to get started making this wool penny rug and then take your kit home to complete.   Just bring a small pair of scissors to snip threads.  All aboard!!

Instructor:  Tammy Ruiz

For the fiber arts cruises, tickets are $40 for an Adult ticket with the option of special discounts for seniors, veterans/active military, and students available at time of booking.

*ALL MATERIALS INCLUDED-please bring a small pair of scissors for cutting thread*

Wednesdays on Sam Patch from 4-5:30pm:

June 26, July 31, August 28, September 25, October 23


Painting Workshops:

Bobby Padilla from Roc Paint Sip! will be leading this painting workshop. Imagine you are an artist painting with your friends and family. Learn step by step to complete a painting while enjoying a scenic cruise along the canal/river . A truly unique way to enjoy the paint and sip experience.

Roc Paint Sip! on Sam Patch:

Saturday, September 7 from 6:30-8:30pm Pricing from $55/adult

Wednesday, October 2 from 4-5:30pm Pricing from $45/adult



Jeannine Pelusio from Stony Point Art Studio will guide you through an Intuitive Painting Mini-Workshop. You’ll be surrounded by beautiful views that inspire creativity while being guided through different painting techniques and prompts for self-expression.

Stony Point Art Studio on Sam Patch:
Thursday, August 22 from 2pm-3:30pm Pricing from $45/adult
Wednesday, September 4 from 6-7:30pm Pricing from $45/adult