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Expand your Mind and Creativity with our Arts and Culture Series

We are excited to announce our new “Arts and Culture Series”!

This series of cruises will explore the rich history and impact of the Erie Canal. We will take an in-depth dive into the values, customs, ideas, and creativity that flourished with the opening of the canal, profoundly influencing the individuals and collective society of upstate New York and beyond. Through a blend of educational presentations and hands-on art cruises, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the canallers’ daily lives and the innovative spirit that drove them during their long voyages.

Our first event, held in collaboration with the Erie Canal Museum’s Education Department, will take place on June 19, titled “Pathway of Resistance: The Erie Canal and the Underground Railroad.”

This session explores how this vital waterway served not only as a commercial artery but also as a lifeline for those seeking freedom from slavery. Both vessels will host this special talk on Juneteenth. You can click on the vessel of your choosing to directly book these special cruises: Riverie @ 1:30pm & Sam Patch @ 4pm.

The Arts and Cultures series promises an enlightening experience, combining historical insights with interactive art activities. For our first interactive art experience on June 26th, Sam Patch will be the vessel where you can learn Wool Applique to make a Penny Rug. Materials will be provided. You only need to bring a favorite mug so you can best match your rug to your mug! You can buy your ticket directly using this link: Crafting on the Canal: Wool Applique Penny Rug Cruise. *More Wool Applique cruises and other interactive art cruises will be made available soon*

Stay connected for more exciting events in this series, each designed to delve deeper into the Erie Canal’s storied past and its lasting impact. We’ll also be hosting ticket giveaways for future events so make sure to follow us for the latest updates. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to join us on a journey through history and creativity, celebrating the enduring legacy of the Erie Canal.

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