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Riddle Me Rochester: Navigating Local Fun Facts-July 10th

This week’s questions focus on the location of Corn Hill Navigation’s other vessel – the Sam
Patch – which cruises on the historic Erie Canal. How much of the canal’s history do you
remember from elementary school?

1. When was the Erie Canal officially opened for navigation?
A) 1807
B) 1817
C) 1825
D) 1835

2. Which New York governor is credited as the driving force behind the construction of the Erie Canal?
A) DeWitt Clinton
B) Alexander Hamilton
C) Thomas Jefferson
D) John Adams

3. Which engineer is often called the “Father of the Erie Canal” for his role in its design and construction?
A) George Washington
B) Benjamin Wright
C) Robert Fulton
D) Samuel Morse

4. What was the primary purpose of the Erie Canal when it was built?
A) Military defense
B) Flood control
C) Agricultural irrigation
D) Commercial transportation

5. What was the total cost of constructing the Erie Canal when it was completed in 1825?

A) $5 million
B) $7 million
C) $10 million
D) $15 million

6. Approximately how many years did it take to construct the Erie Canal from start to finish?
A) 5 years
B) 8 years
C) 12 years
D) 20 years

1. C) 1825
2. A) DeWitt Clinton
3. B) Benjamin Wright
4. D) Commercial transportation
5. B) $7 million
6. C) 12 years

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