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Riddle Me Rochester: Navigating Local Fun Facts-July 3rd Answers

a bridge over a body of waterPlease see the Answers below to last weeks trivia!

1. Where does the Genesee River begin?

Gold, Pennsylvania

2. Which of the Great Lakes does the Genesee River flow into?

Lake Ontario

3. What is the approximate length of the Genesee River?

220 miles

4. How many natural waterfalls does the Genesee River flow over?

6, 3 in Rochester and 3 in Letchworth State Park

5. The Genesee River flows through which famous gorge known for its rock formations and hiking trails?

Letchworth State Park

6.  Which of the following is not a tributary of the Genesee River?

Chautauqua Creek

Congratulations to Amy, Daniel, Debi, Paul, and Shane for correctly answering all of last week’s questions! Look for a follow-up email from our team with an exciting giveaway opportunity.